Testimonial from Runcorn Rockets

Hi Jae,

I would just like to thank you and wish you a great Christmas and holiday on behalf of the club and myself for what you have done for the club with the Club management system and our web site.

As you know we have 2 members of the committee involved in other clubs and both of those other clubs are now using this system so it shows you that it really does help out so much.

Some things that really made the difference to me was that you listened to what we wanted. What we got was the perfect fit for us in that we now save time with everything we do and we collect our money so much earlier. I know I now spend only a third of the time on registrations, emails etc that I used to and everyone in the committee cannot get over how quickly we get our money.

Auto generating the invoices and reminders is great – if someone takes offence and complains to me then it is the system that is sending out reminders and when they talk to me I then can ask if they do owe the money and when were they paying. Sending me the list of individuals who receives the email is so great, at a glance I know who has received a letter and can then manage how I see fit for certain individuals.

You really don’t realise what a great thing this is for us and how different it has made managing the club both with our members and money. Just over the short time I have been using the Auto Reminder System I am getting money in I never thought I would get in and that has been many 100’s of dollars. Sorry if I sound like an add but I thought you should know what works and why it works for our club and me.

Thanks for everything this year and next year will be so great with the system to start the year. I am happy to talk to anyone about the system and how we use it and what we find works for us.

Kind regards


President Rockets Basketball

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