Auto Payment Reminder System


While I remember the automatized process of sending out reminder letters has been great this season. We would have 85% of our money in by the 1-2 week of competition, unbelievable.

And if they have not paid they are ringing to apologies and working out something with me.

It is great thanks.


(Feeback from a client - Season 1, 2018)

▶ Due Date for Payment of Membership Fee

- Due Date can be adjusted according to the situation.

▶ Scheduled Email Reminder before Due Date

- Once every day, the system checks if there are members to be sent reminder email.

- Reminder emails are automatically sent to members who have not paid their dues in full.

=> We've got an ideal reminder schedule.

▶ Scheduled Email Reminder after Due Date

- System automatically sends reminder emails on regular basis in case of overdue.

▶ Summary report of email reminder

- Treasurer receives a summary report of email reminders sent to members.